The tokens are already transforming the financial market

Tokens are the new economy. While governments and regulators continue to take steps to create a stable and orderly framework for the new Internet-based value economy to develop; this is always good news for investors, businesses and society as a whole.

Now this new economy will be able to build on a solid foundation from which to work; and at the same time we can observe its repercussions for markets or cryptoactive of such news. All of which deserves my attention.

As if cryptoactive platforms should be registered; according to the American regulator. Source Finect.

Tokens for a new economy

Which I think is very positive news; because all regulation is always synonymous with protection and stability to work within a defined framework and more transparent. Because until now the exchanges of crypto among other things suffer from the lack of clarity; to the variability of the tariffs of quotation in the market going through different not clear requirements for the enumeration of token; what could raise questions for the regulators investors; who even still have to face the imprecision of the definition itself of these cryptoactives quoting in the platforms of exchange called tokens.

These that by their varied characteristics tend to be classified or defined in a different way; it would be convenient to know them better to understand them well and know how to use them; because what I have no doubt about is that the cryptoeconomy tends to the total Tokenization of assets; which will be used as units of value; by extension the Cryptoexchange platforms will have to adapt to the needs of the new market; being as transparent and efficient as possible if they want to survive within the BlockChain ecosystem.

And is that democratization has come to investment and the first to feel it will be precisely brokerage houses and traditional stock agencies but also the crypto exchanges that do not adapt and evolve.

New cryptocurrencies

To show the decision of Circle (participated by Goldman Sach) who has bought Poloniex and could become the first house of exchange of cryptomedas regulated on American soil.

Already since the appearance of the crypts, the pre-established economic sectors always tried to protect their interests using their authority as the truth. Unfortunately for them, crypto & Tokens is demonstrating that their use within the real world has found its place and has come to stay.

And that in the near future we will probably move from stocks to tokens and from IPOs to ICOs; and if you don’t know what kind of token you’re working with, it’s impossible to assess the potential long-term value.

Since several tokens can fit into different categories simultaneously; it is essential to understand and recognize them in order to take advantage of them; because although in the short term the value of a token may be driven only by exaggeration; it will be the study of them that will make the difference in a long-term investment.

Introduction or notes from Tokenomy

Useful Tokens: Allows you to do things with it; executing contracts and smart code assets for example: ETHER or XEM.

Asset Tokens: Assets represent some physical product; here the ideal is to tokenize an asset that is expected to increase in value because if not as the underlying asset depreciates, so would the token.

Equity Tokens: An equity token implies ownership and control. Something like a traditional stock, an equity token buys you into a certain level of ownership of an organization; and that’s what the regulatory agencies are focusing on, although all tokens could have some equity properties.

Really and thanks to blockchain an equity token would be better than that of stock offerings; as there are many corporate tricks and rules that could be avoided by good intelligent contract designs.

Reputation tokens

As a way of specifying in a blockchain that some user did something special or is someone special. The value of a reputation token is that you can trust that the person wearing it is who they say they are.

I’m also seeing that investors are becoming more receptive to cryptography; in large part because of the evolution of regulatory standards. So I am confident that the investment climate will improve for the investor; with more and more regulations making ICO market more transparent and investments in cryptographic assets more secure.

And as a pending subject that still needs to be improved I insist; it is that of the digital exchange platforms or “Cryptoexchanges which are where the liquidity is and where the money is; so that is where the power is right now”.

Large companies in the sector

Since the companies issuing the tokens have to include them in at least one of the cryptocurrency exchanges to give liquidity to investors; just as the stock markets give liquidity to the holders of shares and these online exchanges; that offer the service for people to exchange the tokens; I still observe an imbalance of power between the exchanges and the coding projects in favor of the former; due to causes such as lack of transparency, and as Business Insider says when he contacted the largest exchanges by volume, according to; to ask the requirements for listing coins, got the suggestive answers:

A spokesman for the U.S. stock exchange Kraken told BI, “We don’t disclose this kind of information to the public.

Bittrex says: “Bittrex does not currently charge a fee for including a token in our Exchange. We believe in promoting the blockchain industry, and we have spent; and will continue to invest, significant resources to review tokens for inclusion on our Exchange.

A Bitfinex spokesperson told BI: “We do not charge a fee for projects to be included in Bitfinex. We are pleased to support the development of the digital token ecosystem by providing quality projects of all sizes; with a platform through which they can build a community of followers.

Tokens and cryptocurrencies regulators

So the news that regulators are starting to catch up seems to me to be very good for all participants in this new Cryptoeconomy and that Japanese; British and American officials have recently asked for the regulation of cryptocurrencies; and the US Securities and Exchange Commission said last week that encrypted exchanges should be registered; with the regulator are very welcome from me and so I also believe that these measures will reduce tariffs; and increase transparency in the market.

“There will always be a premium to quote on good exchanges; but I think in the end it will be more rational when things become more rational,” Jackson told BI. “I think it will calm down a bit.

He also added that decentralized exchanges are being developed which could disrupt the currently hegemonic exchange platforms. These new decentralized exchanges would allow people to trade with each other without the supervision of central control.